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Bonnie Scotland

I'm back from Scotland. And wow, Scotland, especially the Highlands, is a beautiful place on this Earth. I loved driving through the Highlands with Scottish music coming through the speakers.

Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Isle of Skye, Loch Ness and Loch Lomond, Fort William, Inverness. Our tour was packed, but I'm glad we got to see it all. I managed to cut our nearly 2.000 photos down to 11.

At Abbotsford, where Sir Walter Scott lived. His library was impressive. And he only had 1st editions. Be it Frankenstein or books from Jane Austen.


Loch Lomond. I'm now madly in love with the song of Loch Lomond. The interpretations are heartbreaking. You should listen to the song and look at the interpretations (under the cut). Especially the 3rd one. Brothers.

[Interpretations for the Song of Loch Lomond]
One interpretation based on the lyrics is that the song is sung by the lover of a captured Jacobite rebel set to be executed in London following a show trial. The heads of the executed rebels were then set upon pikes and exhibited in all of the towns between London and Edinburgh in a procession along the "high road" (the most important road), while the relatives of the rebels walked back along the "low road" (the ordinary road travelled by peasants and commoners).[3]

Another interpretation of the "Low Road" is that it refers to the traditional underground route taken by the "fairies" or "little people" who were reputed to transport the soul of a dead Scot who died in a foreign land—in this case, England—back to his homeland to rest in peace.[3][4]

Another similar interpretation also attributes it to a Jacobite Highlander captured after the 1745 rising. The Hanoverian British victors were known to play cruel games on the captured Jacobites, and would supposedly find a pair of either brothers or friends and tell them one could live and the other would be executed, and it was up to the pair to decide. Thus the interpretation here is that the song is sung by the brother or friend who chose or was chosen to die. He is therefore telling his friend that they will both go back to Scotland, but he will go on the "low road", his body being paraded along the main road controlled by the Duke of Cumberland's forces, whereas his friend will have to head for the hilltops, taking longer to get back. Another supporting feature of this is that he states he will never meet his love again in the temporal world, on Loch Lomond. Some believe that this version is written entirely to a lover who lived near the loch.


We also took a 2 hour tour with a steam train that led us over the Glenfinnan Viaduct, known from the Harry Potter movies.




We visited Eilean Donan Castle. One of the highlights. I love the history of such places and we had a tour through the Castle (sadly no photographs allowed within the Castle) and it was impressive. Maybe you recognize it, since it's known from movies, for example Highlander.


We visted a Whisky Distillery. The Glenmorangie Distillery. Again, no photos allowed within the distillery (fumes were highly explosive). We were allowed to try it for ourselves after the tour though, and it burned all the way from the tip of my tongue down to my stomach lol NOT MY TASTE!


Oh, and this fucker costs 3.900 British Pounds.


The Battlefield of Culloden. Again impressive.



And I took a photo of this cutie here. I named him Jared.


GLAD TO BE BACK! But sad that it's over. AND THANK YOU SCOTLAND for the mostly good weather!
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