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DEAN: Rhonda Hurley. We were, uh, nineteen. She made us try on her panties. They were pink. And satiny. And you know what? We kind of liked it.

Title: Emerald Satin
Author: sincestiel
Wordcount: 4.500 words
Warnings: none
Summary: He’s tired and he’s sore and that’s what makes him forget all about just exactly what he’s wearing under his jeans. And by the time he remembers (right about when air hits his thighs and Sam makes a strangled noise from behind him), it’s too damned late. He tries to recover anyway, pulls his jeans up quickly and turns around to face Sam, still struggling to get them fastened.

Title: It Started With The Kinks Verse
Author: deadlybride
Wordcount: 43.000 words
Warnings: slight d/s
Summary: Zachariah gave them their memories back, but he didn't erase what had happened in the time they were other people. Dean Smith made a mistake, and Dean Winchester--well. He's still living with it.

Title: Lingerie Verse
Author: akintay
Wordcount: 7.000 words
Warnings: none
Summary: Dean visits Sam at Stanford.

Title: Love In Disguise
Author: sleepypercy
Wordcount: 4.900 words
Warnings: short Dean/OMC
Summary: In order to catch a CEO that's been cutting out girls' hearts, Dean reluctantly poses as a transvestite hooker. Sam never expected his brother to look so good in that skirt.

Title: Black Satin
Author: selecasharp
Wordcount: 800 words
Warnings: none
Summary: Dean’s wearing panties.

Title: I'll Be Waiting
Author: etoile_etiolee
Wordcount: 1.500 words
Warnings: powerplay
Summary: The image of his brother waiting on their motel bed is almost too much. He’s supposed to stay still until Sam comes back, lying on his back, wearing nothing but a pair of light blue panties –French cut, Sam chose them himself.

Title: Panties Kink Verse
Author: orbiting-saturn
Wordcount: 7.800 words
Warnings: none
Summary: The truth is, Dean wants someone to see him, even if that someone is his fifteen year old brother who will probably go into paroxysms over his tough-ass brother in a pair of pretty pink panties.

Title: Solitude
Author: deansdirtybb
Wordcount: 3.400 words
Warnings: solo Dean
Summary: Cas is dead, Sam’s wall is broken…even Baby is wrecked. Dean’s got a complicated mess to deal with in every direction he turns and he just needs a simple moment to himself. So he finds a quiet room, pulls out his pink silk panties and gets lost in the sensation of his own body and his private kink.

Title: And I'll Be Good Like I Should
Author: viviansface
Wordcount: 4.100 words
Warnings: Benny/Dean, d/s
Summary: In which Dean wakes up to a little present -- black box, nice red ribbon. Turns out, it's panties, along with a note: 'Wear this tonight, Sugar'.

Title: Dean's Panties
Author: anonym
Wordcount: 900 words
Warnings: public, comeplay
Summary: Sam likes nothing better then to bend Dean over a flat surface, pulling down Dean's jeans and exposing the day's satiny undergarment to Sam's view.

Title: Oh So Fine
Author: valiant
Wordcount: 2.400 words
Warnings: Smith/Wesson
Summary: Sam Wesson really wants into Dean Smith's pants. When he finally manages to get him to say yes, he's shocked to find out that he wears women's underwear under those pressed suits.

Title: And He Grabs Me, He Has Me By My Heart
Author: lavishsqualor
Wordcount: 2.400 words
Warnings: slight feminization, spanking
Summary: His jeans are riding low, too, way down on his hips, so there’s an expanse of skin showing. And there’s more, there’s a peek of red, and Sam doesn’t know of any red underwear in Dean’s wardrobe, so he leans toward Dean, grabs a handful of denim and yanks. Dean yelps, straight up yelps, and then he’s swearing, slurring curses. Dean is wearing red underwear. They’re panties.

Title: A Little Surprise
Author: dc_derringer
Wordcount: 2.200 words
Warnings: none
Summary: Dean’s got a surprise under his clothes for Sam, but won’t tell him what it is until later.

Title: We Should Thank Rhonda
Author: dolnmoon
Wordcount: 2.500 words
Warnings: none
Summary: Dean still wears pink satin panties sometimes, Sam loves it, the way his hard cock pushes up through and all he wants to do is worship it.

Title: Fragile
Author: dragonspell
Wordcount: 3.300 words
Warnings: feminization
Summary: Dean likes to pretend he's the stronger one. But Sam knows just how fragile Dean can be on the inside. Now he just wants the outside to match.

Title: Baby, Put Your Panties On
Author: anonym
Wordcount: 1.700 words
Warnings: soulless!Sam, humiliation
Summary: Ever since Rhonda Hurley, Dean’s kept a pair of silk panties in the bottom of his duffle. Sam knows, but has never said a word. Soulless!Sam, on the other hand, wants nothing more than to see him wear them—to make him come inside them.

Title: Little Red
Author: vodou_blue
Wordcount: 1.500 words
Warnings: none
Summary: A hunt puts Dean in an unusual place. Fortunately, Sam pays attention.

Title: Pretty In Plaid
Author: kaylennz
Wordcount: 3.500 words
Warnings: Dean/OMC, dubcon, bondage, humiliation
Summary: Sam and Dean investigate an underground sex club. A security guard takes an interest in Dean.

Title: Red Lace (prequel: Age Is Just A Number)
Author: dragonspell
Wordcount: 6.500 words
Warnings: none
Summary: Dean never thought that Sam would go through with it. He’d thought it was just one of those things—one of the random bits of filth that dropped out of Sam’s mouth whenever he was in the mood.

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