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Hello Autumn

What me and my family are up to when summer changes to autumn. HARVEST! For a change I have some personal pics for you lol NOT ME! JUST THE HARVEST PRODUCTS!

We take what the wood gives us? And all that shit lol These are blackberry bushes (blackberries aren't ripe yet in the pic). This year the blackberries stayed rather small, so collecting them wasn't fun and we didn't get as much as previous years. As a result we weren't able to make much blackberry jam (but we made lots of strawberry and raspberry jam, so we should be covered).

IMAG2200.jpg IMAG2199.jpg

We also collected quite a few chanterelles. Loooots of them. And I don't even like them lolol They go into the freezer.

Potatoes. Cauliflowers. Kohlrabi. Potatoes go into the dark cellar. Cauliflowers and kohlrabis into the freezer too.
IMAG2243_1.jpg IMAG2209.jpg IMAG2202.jpg

We also make our own apple juice. We shake those trees into submission and squeeze the holy hell out of them (our local carpenter has the equipment to do it).
IMAG2367.jpg IMAG2366.jpg

IMAG2373.jpg IMAG2372.jpg

Carrots are harvested partly. We still have a few in the soil. And the kale too, since kale needs to get some frost before it should be harvested. We also had too. many. tomatoes this year. Again. How much tomato relish and tomato soup and ketchup can you make? Too much LOL
(Edit: We also make our own sauerkraut and grow cucumber, onions, zucchini, red cabbage, runner beans.)

And me preparing for winter. Bring it on, cold days.
IMAG2284.jpg IMAG2286.jpg IMAG2287.jpg

And last but not least 2 photos I took while being out hiking with my sister maybe a week ago.


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