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Many prompt fills and Merry Christmas

It was actually Christmas time for me over the last few weeks already because I got some really, really awesome fics! Here we go!

First we have the wonderful kinky idontwant_candy who filled this prompt of mine.
Title: And Other Poison Devils
Prompt: John thinks his boys are safe while he investigates a case where men die after getting infected with a testosterone venom and their needs don't get satisfied. But somehow Sam gets infected, making him all feral and horny. Dean tries to reach his father who doesn't anwer his phone. Knowing that it ends deadly if the one affected can't satisfy his needs Dean offers himself up not knowing how rough it's really going to be.

The next prompt that got filled was one from the Working Hard For The Money Meme. The prompt can be found here. That prompt was a collaboration of my brain twin skeletncloset and me. And the fabulous naughty king_wizard filled it for us.
Title: When You Touch Me I Die
Prompt: It's Jared and Jensen's first shoot. Jensen, a top dog in the porn industry, is supposed to fuck the adorable, blushing newbie through the mattress. Jensen loves what he sees and he loves what Jared can do with his tongue up his ass and soon it's Jensen who begs for cock...for the first time on camera.

Then I posted this prompt. At first it seemed that no one would fill it but the awesome kinkajou offered art for the one who would take it on. And iluvkinkythings just posted the first part.
Title: Live By Night
Prompt: They're both cops and they don't like each other (read UST, a lot).
At the moment they're both undercover to take down a mafia organisation. Jared as a criminal trying to infiltrate the actual organisation and Jensen is a stripper at one of the organisations clubs.
Jared actually manages to get close to the mafia boss who then takes him to one of his clubs. The club where Jensen works undercover. There the mafia boss orders Jared a lapdance from the new stripper as a gift.
Jensen is not amused (but grumpily turned on) and Jared is kinda amused (but turned on, too).

And then the gorgeous herminekurotowa gifted me with a christmas present all by herself and wrote me some cracky food porn dream fic. I can't say how awesome that is!!
Title: The Meaning Of Bedspreads
Summary: What happens when Jared gets hungry.


And now... :)

Merry Christmas 3 photo 02531_zpsb2825434.gif
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