Somer (somer) wrote,

This and That and Advanced Thanatology

Spoilers in this post.

First. Sorry for not commenting at all on here. Work kicked ass. And will do so again next week. My inbox is full of personal posts and a fuckton of fic and art from various Bangs. And I still owe supernutjapan a post about the Japanese snacks she sent me (DUDE, THE DRIED SQUID ON A STICK, OH MY GOD!).

So, the ep...where should I start...

[ep 13.05.]I FREAKING LOVED IT! SO MANY BROTHER MOMENTS. BROTHER TOUCHING! BROTHERS ON A CASE! The freeeeaking creepy and scary MOTW! I loved Billie. Loved her conversation with Dean. HAVE YOU HEARD THE MUSIC?? Both the songs and the instrumental pieces.

I loved worried, protective Sam so much (he put a salt ring around Dean and couldn't stop touching him!!! KILL ME!!!). And Dean. Oh my god. He's been drowning in his grief. In his guilt. He was just done. And he was about to ask Billie about their Mom too.

And come on, it's me. You knew this was coming.


(source: itsokaysammy)

That's all for now! <3
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