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The Adventures of Eating Japanese Sweets and Snacks

Booooooy, that was something else. Sorry this is so late, supernutjapan, but here it finally is. My little summary or 'How my Mom, my sis and I went to Japan for a Day'. THANKS AGAIN FOR SENDING THEM OVER! ♥ And thank you, hybridshade. for the impromptu help with the translations ♥


[snacks snacks snacks]Tell me again why I wanted to try the DRIED SQUID ON A STICK??? I can't remember if I told you, but I actually didn't want to tell my sister what it was until AFTER she tried. But well, the squid on a stick really LOOKS LIKE A SQUID. So it's really a dried squid. A whole dried squid on a stick. Sorry, I'm still not over it. But thank you for making my Mom laugh, because as soon as I opened the package, the whole room smelled like fish! Even though she eats fish, but she wasn't able to try it.

IMAG2522.jpg IMAG2523.jpg

Same with the 'tender squid'? Tastes just differ, me thinks.

The sweet potato chips were totally okay. We only ate a few and kept them handy if we needed something to mask...another taste...not really to our liking.

The marron sticks. Yeah, nothing you can buy here but they were okay. I actually thought they had a bit of a coffee taste. But that was just me because my sister couldn't confirm that.

This little chocolate. Damn, I can't remember what it was. I made notes on a piece of paper, but all I have to this one here is 'alocohol' with a question mark? WAS IT WITH ALCOHOL?

The sweet potato stripes. I think I remember that you said in your video that it's like mashed potatoes? And they dry it up? I can't say what they tasted like. Not much of flavor in my opinion.

We weren't entirely sure what the next one was. Chestnuts? Pickled chestnuts? I didn't like them that much.

The Italian chestnut daifuku was okay. Just like everything else totally strange to our taste buds, but okay.

And 'black sugar' sticks? In my opinion they were really intense. Not something I would eat. But again, that's probably just because we're not used to these kinda things.

Hokkaido vanilla cream and bean paste filling. This wasn't too bad? Interesting taste.

Prawn chips. What's up with y'all and sea food snacks lololol My sister and I are not a huge fan of sea food, BUT WE TRIED IT, OKAY?! lol

Then these little ones. What did hybridshade say? 'They all say ‘hitokuchi’ which means like, one mouthful or one bite'. They were actually all okay too.
IMAG2532.jpg IMAG2533.jpg IMAG2534.jpg

Oh, oh, AND THESE ONES! We actually tried them without making sure what it is AND YEP, SEA FOOD AGAIN!

AND THESE POTATO STICKS? Ah, man. So many flavors.

Okay, I think that was all. I hope I didn't miss anything. Thanks again for sending me a package. We had a LOT OF FUN!!! ♥♥♥ Btw, my Mom was trying to think of something that was unique for Germany. That you can only buy here. But we came up blank.
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