Somer (somer) wrote,

Christmas Present for sasha_dragon

I know you already got an awesome fill for your wish #5 from milly_gal but I wanted to make one for you, too. It's only a little picspam but I made them all by myself. Hope it can cheer you up a bit *hugs*

My Bloody Valentine 1 photo picMyBloodyValentine1_zps210b9c5e.jpgMy Bloody Valentine 2 photo picMyBloodyValentine2_zpsaa1829c5.jpg
My Bloody Valentine 3 photo picMyBloodyValentine3_zpse68ee68b.jpg

The Devil You Know 1 photo TheDevilYouKnow1_zpsd9a8e80c.jpgThe Devil You Know 2 photo TheDevilYouKnow2_zps0798e84d.jpg
The Devil You Know 3 photo TheDevilYouKnow3_zps165a35d0.jpgThe Devil You Know 4 photo TheDevilYouKnow4_zps5a3b2cd1.jpg

The Girl Next Door 2 photo TheGirlNextDoor2_zps6bd9784b.jpgThe Girl Next Door 3 photo TheGirlNextDoor3_zps1b0479a0.jpg
The Girl Next Door 4 photo TheGirlNextDoor4_zpsd22dde15.jpgThe Girl Next Door 5 photo TheGirlNextDoor5_zps39cf614a.jpg

And a classic...

Devil's Trap 2 photo DevilsTrap2_zpsd31274fd.jpgDevil's Trap 4 photo DevilsTrap4_zps916fafd5.jpg
Devil's Trap 5 photo DevilsTrap5_zps5bb178fb.jpgDevil's Trap 6 photo DevilsTrap6_zps141c8884.jpg
Tags: picspam
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