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*waves at new friends enthusiastically* Damn, the Multi-Fandom, Active User Friending Meme over at stir_of_echoes was pretty overwhelming, in a good way :D

I have an author rec today. A few of you remember maybe the story I recced a few days ago. The fill for my prompt from letskinkjensen. It's warrior!Jared claiming prince-turned-into-a-slave!Jensen. It was a one-shot, but she decided to make it multi-chaptered now.

It's called Just a Puppet on a Lonely String.

She has an account here on LJ, it's hunenka, but she has all her pretty SPN fics at AO3. Here a few, but I still haven't read all her fics.

It's Good to Be Queen Abaddon's POV of that scene where she had Dean on his knees in front of her.

The One About Dean's Lips Speaks for itself :)

Highway to Sin You remember that scene in the chastity group’s meeting? Where Dean talks about the two of us moving together, pressing, pulling, grinding…? This is Sam's revenge.

Sealing Deals with the Devil Crowley blackmailing Dean into sex.

From Behind the Bar Short outsider POV after 'The Purge' with possessive!Sam.

ACDC BAMF!Dean is getting it on first with Abaddon, then with Crowley.

She has more fics. I'm going to work my way through it over the next days!!

And now I've nothing else to do for the rest of the weekend (I'm just not going to answer the phone or the door) and seeing that two of my favorite authors finished stories, it's going to be awesome.

The Scattered Pieces of Me from etoile_etiolee

and Wolfbound from alezig
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