Somer (somer) wrote,

News from the otpkink-meme

The spn_otpkink Meme is off to an awesome start. There already were four fills. Go read them and leave the authors some love!! :D

On His Mouth Like Liquor
Note: Photographer alpha!Jared and his younger model!Jensen.
Warning: underage

Stalling For Time
Note: Drunk!Jensen thinks it's a good idea to have sex with the hot guy in the elevator.

A Touch of Love
Note: Jensen comes home after an exhausted day on set and Jared takes care of him.

Nude Comfort
Note: Dean likes to fall asleep with Sam's cock still inside of him.

AND NONE OF THEM WERE MY PROMPTS!! Can you believe that???

And now go over there and leave some more prompts or fill them. COME ON!!! And don't forget letskinkjensen. I have the feeling 80% of the prompts over there are from me. YOU HAVE TO CHANGE THAT!! PROMPT, PROMPT, PROMPT!!
Tags: fic-rec, meme
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