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Today I bring you a rec of my own from one of my favorite authors. A brilliant writer, amazing mind, great character building, interesting world building, beautiful way with words. I should probably rec all her stories, but just let me start with her most recent one.

Hook(ed) from the lovely soncnica.

I love all her stories and I think I never recced her before. She has this absolute amazing talent to draw me in. I think I tell her this in every comment I give her, but I just told her again. It's like sitting in a little corner of the character's mind, witnessing everything as if you were right there.

And she made me read a new kink! CAN YOU IMAGINE?? ;) I didn't know there were any kinks left. I thought I've read them all. It's needle play, or in this case hook play. So yes, heed the warnings, it's not for the faint-hearted!! But I know I have a few on my flist (you know, who you are) who love it a little darker with their kinks. SO GO AND READ IT!!!
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