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February 14th, 2014

Jensen | boots 1


Valentine's Day photo be-my-valentine-funny-gopher-groundhog1_zpsf055927b.jpg

Thank you for the lovely messages over at the love meme. They made me so happy. And to my brain twin (yes, I know who wrote it) lets just say we are EQUAL awesome brain twins!! You have to deal with that :)

And finally weekend. I'm so behind reading, so many fucking fantastic stories I'm going to read over the next two days; especially reapertownusa's Reversebang story and king_wizard's new one and I still need to catch up on saltandburnboys' trucker fic AND SO MANY MORE.

And have you seen it? Tomorrow it's 'Free For All' on letskinkjensen. liliaeth gives us the opportunity to post prompts without having to include the Valentine's theme. Let's go over there tomorrow and kink some more :)

Anyway, enjoy the rest of your day :D