July 28th, 2014

Jensen | boots 1


Before I have to go to bed, I come bearing fic recs. Fills for my prompts from the spn_otpkink :D

The first one is from anniespinkhouse and uuuuh, man, so evil and delicious.
My Prompt: Jared is a debt-collector for a ruthless crimeboss. Jensen is the owner of a little bakery not being able to pay. Jared might make an exception and let Jensen pay in other ways.
GO AND READ IT, IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY, I loved that fill so freaking much: Sweeter Than Sugar

The second one got filled from alezig, and of course she knocked it out of the park, I DIDN'T EXPECT ANYTHING LESS :D
My Prompt: Jensen is an omega whose pack got killed by hunters when he was just a baby. One of the hunters couldn't kill Jensen and hands him over to CPS. Jensen gets adopted. Years later, Jensen is around 16/17, his heat gets triggered. He and his family don't know what's happening, totally clueless about werewolves and a/b/o dynamics. Jared, an packless alpha who lives next door, already smelled Jensen's oncoming heat days ago. Now he has to help out.
It's freaking perfect, SO GO AND READ IT TOO: Heat And Want

Oh, and that second prompt got a second fill which is still a WIP, BUT IT'S ALREADY AWESOME and the anon promised to continue it over at AO3. Go over here and leave some love.
Omega Oestrus


Edit: And oh my god! I'M SO BEHIND ON READING. All the BBs and I haven't read a single fic over at spn_summergen *sobs* Only six weeks till vacation, only six weeks till vacation, only...