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May 17th, 2015

Jensen | boots 1

The Random Post - Edition 3

It's time for some randomness. Distraction. Laugh. N'awwww!!


randomCollapse )
Jensen | boots 1

*takes a deep breath*

I really, really hope I haven't missed anyone on the #AlwaysKeepFighting* Love Meme. If you've put your name there and you're thinking right now 'damn you, Somer, for not commenting on my thread' TELL ME! Pleeease! And I know there are still a few people missing I would LOVE to see on there!!


full meme | my thread

Jensen | boots 1

Saltandburnboys and the Love

I put up a thread for saltandburnboys and since I know a lot of you want to leave her a comment and I also know she won't tell you herself, I'm gonna send you in her direction :)


full meme | saltandburnboys' thread