May 21st, 2015

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SPOILERS - Shake It Off

I will actually be able to sleep this night.

I might be a tiny, little bit underwhelmed. This was not what I was expecting. Maybe I was expecting too much after the last final. Maybe there wasn't even a chance to hit me this hard ever again.

I loved it. I really did. I. Loved. The. Episode. Sam being desperate to get a hold of his brother and finally getting that mark off Dean's arm. Dean destroying that motel room (nuuhhhh, hot or what?), Rowena (I think I'm still the only one who likes her), Crowley and Castiel.

That whole scene with Dean and Sam and Death. The location. SAM, and Jared's phenomenal acting!! He was so, so damn good. Kneeling there, the tears, the photos, being ready to sacrifice himself...again.


The last word of this season being Sam screaming his brother's name.

And now the only thing that matters to me is this pic!


I waited for this. I needed this!! And now I'm kinda happy, and I can't wait for Sam and Dean to fight TOGETHER...against that darknesswhateverthatis!

So, yeah, after the final and THAT DAMN PARODY (christ, jesus, our cast!!!) I'm going to have a really good night :)

*waits for pics and gifs and icons and Dean and Sam making out in the darkness *waggles eyebrows (hey, don't look at me, salt started it)*