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September 23rd, 2015

Jensen | boots 1

It's Like Laundry (SFW)

I told Salt again and again. It's just...the red plaid shirt is so. damn. pretty!

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Jensen | boots 1

Somer's Recs

I SHOULD BE IN BED! But guuuuuuuys. THIS FIC! Salt recced it to me and oh man, OH MAN! It's from 2009, so maybe I'm making an idiot out of myself and you've all already read it. BUT IF NOT!! If you've read The Incestuous Courtship Of The Antichrist's Bride (and I swear, if you haven't read that one, I'll kick your ass) and loved it, you will adore this one too.

Title: Let Your Sins Be Strong
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Wordcount: 27.700 words
Summary: The world’s a mess and Sam just needs to rule it. Dean’s not quite so on board with this plan.

This has such dark elements and I still snickered my way through this. Sam is the boyking and he NEEDS Dean by his side. Dean on the other hand is making lists. I loved the secondary characters. And Sam has a little hellhound as a puppy.