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October 18th, 2015

Jensen | boots 1

Somer's Recs - Protective and The Freckles

sillie82 had some need for protective Jared and Sam, so she gets it :) I hope here are a few you haven't read before!

Title: I'll Follow You Into The Dark
Author: sw0rdy
Wordcount: 9.300 words
Summary: Dean is still dying after refusing to let Reverend Roy LeGrange heal him, but Sam’s not about to give up on him so easily. Dean says ‘no sacrifices’, but when it comes to saving each other, all bets are off. This is a story of brotherly love and devotion where Dean is Dean and Sam is indomitable. Oh, and Bobby’s awesome, too.

moooooore under the cut...Collapse )

And freckles for souslelys :D

Title: The Hunter
Author: ashtraythief
Wordcount: 2.600 words
Summary: Jeff hasn’t seen the sun in a long time. He falls in love with Jensen’s freckles.

even mooooooore...Collapse )