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January 8th, 2016

Jensen | boots 1

Check In #1 - 30 Day Challenge

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tumblr_n8vkzj6lWf1tuz95vo3_250[1].gif FM[1].gif


#1 Did you start?
#2 What challenge are you doing?
#3 Which day you're at?
#4 How is the pain?
#5 Who didn't start? (I dare you *gets out whip*)

Jensen | boots 1

Whips And Chains Excite Me

LET'S PIMP Jensen out to Jared!!!

I really, really, really LOVE the spnkink_meme! I DO! And you know what's even better? THIS MONTH IS ALL NEW PROMPTS ONLY! Means only new prompts! New ideas! Fresh kinky suggestions!

Prompt yourself. Fill a prompt.

DO IT FOR ME! Go over there and have a look. I already know a few who have left their prompts. And believe it or not I left the schmoopy/cracky/adorable ones. I KNOW, don't say it. I should get on my kinky!

[non-kinky pic, duh]600_433282178[1].jpg

Mmmmm, okay. That beautiful pic probably doesn't help with the naughty. I should go and leave more schmoop now...

(Subject title from Rhianna's song S&M, thanks to alycat)

P.S. Dean is already getting his clothes off.