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July 13th, 2016

Jensen | boots 1

Dean Winchester Big Bang Needs Artists!

Originally posted by samscherrycake at Dean Winchester Big Bang Needs Artists!
Hey all, our turn out for authors was enormous, we are so excited to see what you all are going to write for this!

However, we only have about half the artists as we do authors! We don't want any artists to be overwhelmed with artwork, and we want to be able to spread the enjoyment that is Dean Winchester to a lot of people, so spread the word to your Dean loving artist friends!

We'll be keeping artist sign ups open until October 30th (claims) or until the number of artists and authors evens out!

Here is the sign up link for artists!

And of course, we always want to have betas available for our authors, so here is the sign up link for betas if you are interested!
Jensen | boots 1

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