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May 23rd, 2017

Jensen | boots 1

When In Rome...

This Convention was so...overwhelming. Mostly due to Jensen and him talking about Regarding Dean and that semi-final scene Dean had with Mary and him holding a moving speech about the charity work he's a part of (YANA in this case). I had tears in my eyes...twice. Have I said recently how much I love this man?

And I just want to make clear that especially Jensen, Jared and Misha are really good eggs.

Nothing major happened in Rome. saltandburnboys, whiskygalore and I were the usual skittish fangirls. Though I got to meet the lovely sinfulslasher on the way home, since we had the same flight back to Cologne. ♥

I got my Jensen photo OP (I asked him for a Dean hug), my Jared photo OP and my Matt photo (in exchange for the Tim photo).

But the really interesting thing that happened, and I only realized after transferring my own photos to my computer, is that Jensen seemed to like my camera. Or how souslelys was calling it 'JIBCon aka the con where Jensen flirted with Somer the whole time through her camera'. (Sorry for the bad quality. We were sitting in the 4th or 5th row FROM BEHIND lolol)


[look me in the eyes...]







Jensen | boots 1

Zippers Down

Got this shot of Jensen showing off his boxers to Misha. The talented sketchydean made it into pretty art! I hadn't really seen it on twitter, since I had notifications turned off for some time due to heavy load and my app kept crashing (was just because of the photos I tweeted, I normally don't get such traffic lol). It was quite amusing though, because people kept quoting my tweeted pic with 'look at Misha's face' LOLOL


[gorgeous art under the cut...]

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