Somer (somer) wrote,

'One More Tomorrow' by aquariuskitty19

Hey guys, I'm sure a lot of you remember that awesome story 'One More Tomorrow', written by aquariuskitty19. You can find a download link HERE.

Yesterday I got a PM from the author via a google+ account and with her permission, I'm gonna post this message here on my journal (it's really her, saltandburnboys had her email address and verified it for me).


I'm the author of the story one more tomorrow and I saw your comment about it on spnstoryfinders that you made about a year ago. I don't really have lj anymore and I can't say I have been on that site for a long time, so I just saw the post now through my emails.

I hope you don't mind me bothering you but after seeing your comment I just wanted to let you know that I don't ever plan on finishing this. I don't even have the story on my laptop any longer. I'm so sorry and I feel horrible about it. I'm no longer in the spn fandom (or any for that matter).

I don't know any people in the fandom but as you already have the story and seems to like it I thought maybe you would be the right person to hand it over to. The story is yours (that of course if you want it). You can give it to someone else to finish or even use parts of it. I honestly don't mind. I just felt bad for never finishing it and selfish for keeping it. I even forgot about it until today I checked my old email account and saw someone posted about it a while back. I just wanted to pass my permission on to someone and that they could do what they want with the story.

Thank you for always saying nice thing about it and I hope you didn't mind me emailing you."

Another PM where she replied to one of my PMs had the following sentence. "Of course you can post my message and like I said before you are welcome to do what you like with this story now *passes story over*." and "If anyone does decide to do this they are always welcome to message/or email me if they get stuck for ideas."

Okay, guys, thoughts? Someone out there whose mind is already running wild with the possibilities? Should I post this somewhere else too? I'm DEFINITELY not going to continue it and if no one out there wants to continue it either, I'm happy with what I got of this story.
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