Somer (somer) wrote,

The Masquerade - A Fill...Or Three

There were magnificent fills in the first round. Got three fills for myself at spn_masquerade and couldn't be happier about them :)

First majestic_duxk filled my grumpy little-spoon Dean prompt. READ IT! Funny and sweet and perfect and GRUMPY DEAN!! I'm The Big Spoon

Yeah, then there was this little...self-bondage prompt I left and holy fucking everything, tipsy_kitty wrote some seriously perfect story for it. Every little kink in there, every. single. one!!! Ice Is Slowly Melting

And last but not least the prompt where Dean gets doused in fairy dust was mine too. IT GOT FILLED PERFECTLY!!! Like hilarious and then scorching hot porn. READ IT TOO. READ IT ALL!!
Dean covered in fairy dust and getting even more desirable and him not realizing it, driving Sam nuts because of it until Sam fucks Dean himself...

Now I'm off in a few minutes, because I want to read at least ONE BB today LOL And if it kills me!!

Edit: I NEARLY FORGOT!! There might have been a fourth prompt. *coughs* This one here
Jensen is the moon and he is mooning Jared all night long. Finally Jared has enough and he fucks the moon.
NOW IT'S ALL THE FAULT OF saltandburnboys and sleepypercy because salt was mooning percy all night long, I'm not kidding. And then one word led to another, and then I said 'I NEED TO PROMPT THAT' (and I promise, no alcohol was involved).

Now *coughs* it might be that I was also involved in filling this prompt *coughs* IT'S ALL paperbackwriter and sleepypercy's fault. It started as a bedtime story for percy where alexis and I sort of tag-teamed that story. Yeah, I DON'T KNOW. A Bedtime Story
Tags: fic-rec, meme, prompt-fill
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