Somer (somer) wrote,

The Day of Balls or The Porniest Birthday of all Birthdays

*coughs* Is this thing on? *coughs* Okay...

Ladies and Gentlemen, Flisties, Porn Enablers and all around awesome friends,

thank you so much for making this day so damn special for me. I really think this was the filthiest birthday I ever had. There were so many things, messages, fics, porn posts...and I loved them all. First of, thank you for all the messages and congratulations through various sources, everone of them made me smile :D

Thank you to my lady saltandburnboys who I love to pieces. She send me something via mail, which already arrived on Saturday and from then on burned a whole into my living room table. I opened it the minute the clock turned 12am (saltandburnboys and sleepypercy kept me company while the clock turned and basically through-out my whole birthday, love you both ♥, which btw resulted in percy now having a ringtone for her phone which is me saying 'Dudelsack', don't ask). Anyway, there were two envelopes, one was a card with pics of Dean and the line 'There ain't no me if there ain't no you'. And the second piece was this here :)


ISN'T IT GORGEOUS :D I love it!!! It's going into a frame and up on the wall ♥

If you haven't seen it yet, I have a new userhead, thanks to meus_venator It. Is. Perfect!! I love it. :)

I got lovely v-gifts from wendy, stir_of_echoes, whiskygalore and saltandburnboys! Thank you so much, for every single one of them :D

I want to thank the following people for all the posts, eeehhhh :D supernutjapan, kinkyheels, souslelys, big_heart_june, wings128, herminekurotowa, casey28 and saltandburnboys!! THANK YOU!!! :D

A special thank you to milly_gal, who made me art! NSFW ART :D

Another special thank you to paperbackwriter for her porny post AND for the THREE!!!!! vouchers she gave me for a fic, a manip and a drawing (eeehhhhhhh, especially the drawing, especially the drawing!!! you don't even believe AJ, how happy that makes me ♥).

And I got filthy art from kinkajou. ALL THE BALLPLAY with creppy, underage!Sam taking advantage of a past-out Dean. LOOK AT HER PRETTY ART HERE AND WHORSHIP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

FIIIIIIICS!! All the recs, ALL the recs!!

I've Found God... written by ephermeralk! SHE WROTE ME PRIEST!JENSEN and YES come lands on his face. :D God, do me one favor and read it!

Take Me Home by hunenka It's post-hell Dean with a side of Dean/Alastair!! One of my favorite pairings. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!! READ IT! Her writing is as always brilliant.

On The Edge (Of Flipping Laundry) by whiskygalore Have you ever seen one of the vids from 'Men on Edge'? SHE WROTE ME A J2 VERSION!!! AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! :D

I'm Just Dreaming Of Tearing You Apart by sleepypercy THE SUMMARY SAYS IT ALL: Jared comes home to find a gorgeous, half-naked man in his bed. The bad news: it's his dad's hooker. Bwahaha, yes, it's as awesome as it sounds. READ IT!!! :D

Cleanse by tifaching. It's part of her Acoustics 'verse and she gifted it to my. THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE VERSES and now one part of it BELONGS TO ME!! :D I can't believe it, I seriously can't believe it :D

Okay, and now. WHO HAVE I MISSED?? I hope no one. But if I really missed someone, tell me, and I'll make you your very own porn post of your choosing :)

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