Somer (somer) wrote,

The Rec of my Life

A few months ago hunenka filled a prompt of mine over at letskinkjensen.

When the Ackles kingdom falls, most of the family members get killed. There are a few though, the really pretty ones, who get sold on the slave market. Bound in chains, Jensen gets sold to the highest bidder, and everyone wants a piece of that princely ass.

A one shot. Well, she wanted it to be a one-shot, but then she just kept on writing. Now, seven months later there are ten chapters and over 60.000 words of a story which couldn't have been more perfect. YES, I CRIED IN THE END, SUE ME!

Just A Puppet On A Lonely String

Summary: Jensen was of royal blood, a successor to the throne. But then the Ackles kingdom fell and now he’s naked and in chains, standing on a stage to be auctioned off at the slave market, and Jared, the warrior responsible for Jensen’s fall, is very, very interested.

I know a lot of you were already over there, following this story. For the ones who haven't read it? Do it.

P.S. Please read the warnings.
Tags: fic-rec
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