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sdwbf abandoned her journal, but she gave blanket permission to share her stories, even the deleted ones. You can find the post on her journal HERE.

I think she was a terrific writer and I loved all her kinky stories to pieces. I'm gonna provide download links to all of her stories. NOTHING belongs to me, everything belongs to sdwbf. Thank you for letting us share the stories.

RPS Stories

Title: Harley's Personal Assistant
Summary: Even if he'd read every word, he wasn't quite sure what to expect when answering an ad for a "dog's personal assistant."
Warnings: Jensen/Harley, bestiality

Title: Hot, Bothered And Bewitched (+ sequel)
Summary: Jen's all hot and bothered. Harley has what he needs.
Warnings: Jared/Harley, Jared/Gen, bestiality

Title: ePaws
Summary: Lonely and unhappy with his life, Jensen decides to try a computer dating service, except his answers lead him to an alternate site and accepting who he really is.
Warnings: Jensen/Harley, bestiality, spanking

Title: Knotting Day
Summary: Jensen is an omega, Jared an alpha. It's their wedding day, they've never met and they'll be knotting in front of everyone as part of the ceremony.
Warnings: Jared/Jensen, dubcon, public, knotting

Title: For His Own Good
Summary: Jensen is kidnapped and bred to a dog named Jared.
Warnings: Jared/Jensen, dog!Jared, noncon/dubcon, bestiality

Title: It Just Kind Of Happened
Summary: Jared and Jensen are engaging in their favorite activity when Harley gets interested.
Warnings: Jared/Jensen, Jensen/Harley, bestiality

Title: Stress Relief For A Method Actor
Summary: Jensen's in a mood from far too many days spent in Dean Winchester's head. Misha is happy to oblige.
Warnings: Misha/Jensen, panties, spanking

SPN Stories

Title: It's A Living
Summary: Dean's been cursed so he can only come when fucked by a dog. Sam finds he really, really likes watching. Not to mention ordering Dean around.
Warnings: Sam/Dean, Dean/OMDs, bestiality

Title: Twenty-Fifth Summer
Summary: On a beta werewolf's twenty-fifth birthday he goes into heat. But Dean's not a werewolf, and even if he were, he'd be the alpha since he was the oldest, so no worries. Except if life worked out the way it was supposed to, he'd have been the tallest.
Warnings: Sam/Dean, wolf!Sam, bestiality, mpreg

Title: Folsom Prison Bitch
Summary: Dean's way too pretty for prison, so during an AU version of the ep, Sam makes his brother his bitch to keep him safe.
Warnings: Sam/Dean, noncon/dubcon, exhibitionism, spanking, fisting

Title: Bitch In The Woods
Summary: Dean gets lost in the woods. A pack of wolves find him.
Warnings: Dean/OMDs, bestiality, noncon, gangbang, mpreg

Title: Bend Over Boyfriend
Summary: Wherein Dean struggles with the concept of being a man and a cockslut; Sam tries to help, but fails epically; and things end up in porn.
Warnings: Sam/Dean

Title: Empty Nest Syndrom
Summary: The demon that killed Mary is dead, Sam's graduated from high school and headed off for Stanford and Dean's getting ill. A frantic John tries to figure out what is wrong with his son and everything changes.
Warnings: John/Dean, heat, mpreg

Title: At 20 He Learned The Truth (+ sequel)
Summary: On his own on a hot summer day, Dean shakes his booty, Bobby's dog jumps it … um him. When Sam comes home, well, the kid always had wanted a dog.
Warnings: Dean/OMDs, bestiality, puppy-play

Title: Like They Do On The Discovery Channel
Summary: In which Sam and Adam are back from the Pit, Dean is confused, and who says television can't be educational?
Warnings: Sam/Dean/Adam, threesome, spanking, douple-penetration

Title: Destiny Thwarted
Summary: Dean used to dream he had a little brother, but that was before his father gave him Sammy.
Warnings: Sam/Dean, dog!Sam, bestiality

Title: Saving The World Through Sex
Summary: John casts a spell to save the world from his sons' destiny. With that in the balance does it really matter that in the process it also makes Dean into Sam's sex slave? And oh, yeah, the side effects sort of change the world.
Warnings: Sam/Dean, underage, dubcon, exhibitionism, feminization, d/s, object-insertion, spanking

Title: Irony Is Such A Bitch
Summary: A curse changes Sam into a dog and Dean into his human bitch.
Warnings: Sam/Dean, dog!Sam, bestiality, dubcon/noncon, mpreg, male-lactation

Title: Biological Meltdown
Summary: Since Dean hit puberty, he's kept a secret from Sam, but now it's all too much and he breaks down.
Warnings: Sam/Dean, knotting, mpreg

Title: Not A Beta In Sight
Summary: Hiding things, even from each other, is the Winchester way. John thinks both his sons are betas, but only Sam knows the full truth. He's an alpha and his brother is an omega. Stanford is looming and the only way Sam can take Dean with him is to mate and breed him.
Warnings: Sam/Dean, knotting, mpreg

Title: Enough Is Enough
Summary: Crowley decides the best way to deal with the Winchesters is to take Dean as his mate.
Warnings: Crowley/Dean, noncon, knotting

Title: Little Dean's Ass – And It Should Know It
Summary: In which Dean gets lost in the woods and ends up with a 'My Little Pony.' And that's 'with' in the Biblical sense.
Warnings: Sam/Dean, pony!Sam, crack

Title: Great Brother, Lousy Beta
Summary: Dean and Sam finally get together, but after one incredible night of sex, Dean refuses to let Sam knot him again and it's making them both miserable.
Warnings: Sam/Dean, knotting

Title: Past His Prime
Summary: Sam and Dean have to do a follow-up job. Sure it's in a bdsm club, but they've played around before so what's the big deal? At least that had been Dean's thought until he found himself feeling over-the-hill and Sam surrounded by a host of drooling, gorgeous twinks.
Warnings: Sam/Dean, bdsm, anal-hook, bondage, humiliation, exhibitionism, spanking
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