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GUYS!!! It's so damn quiet on the memes. DON'T MAKE ME COME OVER AND MAKE YOU! I WANT MY KINK AND I WANT MY CRACK! Kinky crack? Cracky kink?



THE THEME IS DRAGONS!!!!!! DRAAAAAGONS!! Prompting is still OPEN! Every single one of you, I want you to go over there and leave ONE prompt...or two. Don't make me prompt them all byself. Let me say it again, DRAGONS!! Huge, protective, possessive, different colors, fantasy world, vicious, frightening. DRAGONS!

I have it on good authority that saltandburnboys is just itching to fill a dragon prompt. So go over there and prompt, so she gets inspired!!!


SO MANY AWESOME PROMPTS OVER THERE!! AND NOT A SINGLE FILL!!! How can that be? Come on, guys, I know there are some awesome crack writers out there. And I love to laugh out loud just as much as I love my kink. GET IT CRACKING!! MAKE ME LAUGH!!!

Especially meus_venator left a whole lot of awesome prompts. Come on, fill her one of them. They are ALL awesome! *coughs* Or just fill one of my prompts :P



FILLS ARE ALREADY HAPPENING!!!!!! Guys, there was fairy!Jensen and mummification AND STILL SO MANY UNFILLED PROMPTS!!! I WANT MY KINK RIGHT NOW!! Only a few days left to fill. UNTIL HALLOWEEN!!! You all know I love my kink especially. Make it dirty and kinky and filthy and GIVE IT TO ME!

I already was on all three memes. AND WHAT ABOUT YOU? ♥
Tags: pimping
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