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So, a few of you know of my ridiculous craving for JDM lately. And now that paperbackwriter wrote a Jared/Jensen/Jeff threesome just for me I found another gem on the spnkink_meme.

It's paperboy Jensen crashing into Jeff. And this is my absolute WORST describtion for such a PERFECT and BEAUTIFUL written story. The words used in the story are freaking insane.

Words used in the comments already left are 'beautiful visualizing language' and 'beautifully written and intensely hot'. Yep, I think you all need to read it :)

Crash of Light Come Down

WARNING: story contains underage

EDIT, IMPORTANT EDIT: The author of this Jeff/Jensen story lets you all know, that she will write a sequel, if people can guess who she is. EXCEPT people who already know, like saltandburnboys and paperbackwriter. You're, of course, not allowed to tell.

And I have the feeling I should help, BECAUSE I WANT THAT DAMN SEQUEL!!
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