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Fic Rec

Today I come bearing a rec from the spn_gen_bigbang. It was written by the talented sw0rdy and I loved it so, so much!!!

Summary: After eventually finding a ritual that worked, Sam has sprung Dean from Purgatory, but there are a couple of problems: one, Dean's re-appeared in an alleyway in London and two, he's so broken physically and mentally that he's been classed as a 'vulnerable adult' and has been placed under the guardianship of Social Services. When Sam arrives at the hospital he quickly realises that broken bones are the least of his worries...

I had so many favorite scenes in this story. So many. And I fell in love with her Sam (well, more than ever) And the best thing? She plans on writing more for this verse. At least three more stories!! THAT'S AWESOME :D

You've Done All The Things That Could Kill You Somehow

And one of the best things of this story? IS THE ART!! You should really look at it. Both thruterryseyes and siennavie did a FABULOUS job with it. I was kinda disappointing to see how few comments these two have gotten for such amazing art!

Art Masterpost Thruterryseyes
Art Masterpost Siennavie
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