Somer (somer) wrote,

It's about time!!!

VACAAAAAAAAATION (or how I just found out I should say staycation, we have a word for that, too. It's called Balkonien)!!!!! Fucking finally. Two weeks, twoooooooo weeks. And the first two or three days I'll do nothing. Absolute nothing. Sleeping, eating, some sleeping, eating, reading some fics I have on my kindle for weeks now. AND THEN SOME MORE SLEEPING!!!!

The last two weeks I always fell asleep in the evening while reading some awesome stories and that was just not right. Falling asleep while some hellhounds fuck Dean through the floor? NOT FUN!!

So I finally have some time to read some new and re-read some older fics. So looking forward to that :)

And now I think I'm going to start my vacation with some sleep! Hell yes...
Tags: that's me
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