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Three Days In My Staycation...

So, after nearly three days of sleeping and catching up with some stories here, I woke up at 6:45 this morning. And no, I didn't turn around and sleep some more, I got the morning...while having my vacation! I'M NUTS!!

Anyway, after going grocery shopping (and damn, but the shops were really empty this early, no standing in line to pay...not bad, I think I should always go this early) I plundered our garden. Mhm, I think I now what I have for lunch today...

Some tomato and cucumber salad which will be a perfect fit with the turkey breast I bought this morning. I'm not yet sure what I will do with the raspberries. Maybe I just eat them with some vanilla ice cream. Yup, delicious!!

Sorry for the rambling BUT I WAS BORED!! :P
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