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PDFs of Shilohslaughter's Stories

All their accounts are deleted as far as I know (LJ, tumblr and AO3). So I'm gonna share these here. All are Dean/Castiel, mostly with a pretty dark Castiel (read the warnings) and I know there are some fans on my flist. Good stories shouldn't be lost forever!

Title: I've Got My Angel Now
Pairing: Castiel/Dean
Summary: Dean is ten years-old with a massive crush on his best friend.
Wordcount: ca 800 words
Warnings: none, schmoop

Title: Keep Your Distance Away From Me (Lest You Want Be Eaten Alive)
Pairing: Castiel/Dean
Summary: A man obsessed is the most dangerous kind. Dean has been lucky enough to inherit his father's homestead, which leaves him with all the time in the world to watch Blue Eyes and plan the man's inevitable capture; he'll look so pretty crying for Dean. It's a shame Dean doesn't know who - or what - he's up against.
Wordcount: ca 11.800 words
Warnings: broken!Dean, evil!Castiel, vampire!Castiel, dubcon, blood play, suicide attempt

Title: I Tried Counting My Blessings (And I Counted Three Of Them)
Pairing: Castiel/Dean/Castiel
Summary: Dean has been blessed with two guardian angels who have learned the best ways to keep their Charge in line.
Wordcount: ca 5.000 words
Warnings: sub!Dean, dom!Castiel, d/s, threesome, rough sex, breath play, blood play, bondage

Title: You're My Sweet Dream And My Beautiful Nightmare
Pairing: Castiel/Dean
Summary: Dean is used to having dreams of Castiel since he was taken by the leviathans but this one is different.
Wordcount: ca 4.000 words
Warnings: leviathan!Castiel, d/s, rough sex

Title: I Wish To Remain Nameless (What's In A Name)
Pairing: Castiel/Dean
Summary: When Castiel came back, he came back wrong; Dean refuses to see the issue.
Wordcount: ca 3.000 words
Warnings: leviathan!Castiel, dubcon, rough sex, breath play, blood play

Title: Don't Tell Anyone How I Hold Your Hand
Pairing: Castiel/Dean
Summary: Dean and Castiel are both Boy Scout volunteers over the summer; neither of them want to be there but they're both kind of glad they are.
Wordcount: ca 4.000 words
Warnings: underage, d/s, rough sex, bondage

Title: Well, What Do We Have Here? (Baby Please Don't Go)
Pairing: Castiel/Dean
Summary: Castiel is the black-eyed Angel of the Crossroads with whom Dean barters himself to save Mary from dying. Ripping him from his life on earth, Castiel takes Dean to Heaven to serve as a makeshift pet. The more time he spends with the angel, Dean starts to see that something bigger is happening to him and he's powerless to stop it. When Dean finds out that Castiel has been lying to him the entire time, he realizes just how powerless he truly is.
Wordscount: ca 32.000 words
Warnings: abused!Dean, evil!Castiel, dubcon, rough sex, torture, violence, suicide attempt

Title: The Undone And The Divine Verse (including 'This Is As Good A Place To Fall In Love As Any' and 'Make Me Breathe And Bleed')
Pairing: Castiel/Dean
Summary: Castiel is the only one who can get away with taking whatever he wants from Dean; Dean is surprisingly okay with this.
Wordcoun: ca 5.500 words
Warnings: demon!Dean, vampire!Castiel, d/s, rough sex, breath play, blood play, spanking

Title: Turn The Lights Out And Burn The Candles
Pairing: Castiel/Dean
Summary: The raven haired man on top of him is by far the kinkiest, though creepiest, person Dean has ever been with and he has no qualms admitting that his body burns at that thought.
Wordcount: ca 2.500 words
Warnings: wax play, object insertion

Title: Who Knew Blue Eyes Could Be So Violent?
Pairing: Castiel/Dean
Summary: Drunk and lonely on Christmas Eve, Dean is pleasantly surprised when his prayers are answered.
Wordcount: ca 4.000 words
Warnings: god!Castiel, rough sex, breath play, wall sex, spanking

Title: As Long As The Room Keeps Spinning, I Don't Care Which Side Wins
Pairing: Castiel/Dean
Summary: Castiel trains Dean to be perfectly obedient.
Wordcount: ca 1.000 words
Warnings: demon!Castiel, d/s, breath play, blood play

NOTHING BELONGS TO ME!! If you're the author or you know that this shouldn't be up here, just tell me.
Tags: nc-17, pdfs
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