Somer (somer) wrote,

Fic Rec

Title: Wish Upon Lidded Blue Flames (Director's Cut)
Author: skeletncloset

Excerpt: Five years since and Jared affects Jensen much the same, maybe a little more, maybe a little worse because Jensen loves him with the worst sort of love. The dirtiest, most unforgiving and unforgiveable. Because Jared is some kind of miracle. Some kind of gift. Has Jensen baring his lumbering, clamoring heart on his sleeve like a visible target. Has Jensen heat-flushed with shame, messy with joy—all sorts of things Jensen shouldn’t feel for another boy, and especially not a Preacher’s son. But how is Jensen s’posed to stop? What’s he s’posed to do?

I had a hard time choosing only a snippet and nearly ended up reciting half the story here. READ IT!! Okay? Just read it. Her words, just her words! I already read the abridged Springfling version, but every added word is a treasure.
Tags: fic-rec
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