Somer (somer) wrote,

The Fucking Headband

sleepypercy and I got thinking.

 photo suckmywinchester_zpsibj0urdm.gif  photo suck2_zpsfusyeyu2.gif

(stolen from June's bucket, hope you don't mind)

Somer: Why is everything he does sexy? I hate him! Jared should fuck him hard as punishment.
Percy: nothing but that headband!
Somer: YES! *needs to prompt that*

*percy and somer doing their most pleading puppy eyes*
P.S. Percy is totally offering herself up for one night to whoever writes it for us.

And can someone make some icons for big_heart_june from the new vids? Someone of you talented people? :) I would do it, but I have no idea how.
Tags: jensen ackles, percy my godchild
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