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Somer's Recs - Dark and Filthy #1

Everyone who knows me, knows that it can't be filthy enough and that it can't be dark enough. Here are some recs I really enjoyed over the last weeks. Read the WARNINGS, I am not kidding, it gets really dark at one point.

Let's start with the bestiality. I bought the just as filthy-minded alycat at fandomaid and just told her bondage and bestiality. I still remember she then demanded some plot from me too :P Thankfully she already had an idea.

Title: Sharing And Caring (AO3)
Author: alycat
Wordcount: 2.200 words
Warnings: bestiality, bondage, slight dubcon

The next one gets really, really dark in places, especially in the beginning. The author themself says 'This is a story about horrible things and the recovery from horrible things. This is not a happy story, but I'd like to think that it's a hopeful one. That being said, it is incredibly dark.' The last chapter just got posted, and I loved this story so much.

Title: He That Is Wounded (AO3)
Author: wickedthoughts1
Wordcount: 48.500 words
Warnings: hurt!Dean, torture, castration, noncon, cbt, forced self-cannibalism (for more warnings please see the fic itself)

This week I also finished a long and filthy John/Dean story. Damn, just look at the delicious warnings. But it wasn't just that. I loved how she wrote John and Dean's relationship, how well written the characters were. And the sex? Jesus on a cracker!

Title: For His Own Good and the sequel Futuere Vel Mortem
Author: arete214
Wordcount: 108.000 words (!!!)
Warnings: cursed!John, dubcon, prostate milking, fuck-or-die, rough sex, wall sex, Impala sex, toys (and some more delicious kinks)

Then I've read this one. And well, fuck me. You all probably already read this one. But let me rec this anyway, because cop!Jared topping the fuck out of rich!Jensen at the side of the street is scorching.

Title: All The Pretty, Pretty Ones
Author: tryfanstone
Wordcount: 5.800 words
Warnings: toppy/cop!Jared, dubcon, handcuffs, rough sex

The next one. Beautiful words, beautifully filthy story. Excerpt: 'Dean seems built to ruin. How nothing ugly seems to touch his son, not the crusting splashes of semen across his body, not the way his tired mouth warps against the bed covers or the way his muscles shake. All of it just makes John want to see more, thinks that even if he tried to tear his son apart, those pieces would still be beautiful.' Yes? YES!

Title: Fever Where You Run To
Author: sleepypercy
Wordcount: 4.000 words
Warnings: John/Dean, sexpollen, dubcon

And this is a WIP, and it's going to get very dark (hopefully) and very filthy (hopefully) :P. It's a half finished fill for one of my prompts from spn_masquerade. I already love what's written so far.

Title: Every Man Has His Price
Author: saltandburnboys
Warnings (so far): hurt!Jensen, noncon, torture

My guilty pleasures. I love them all.
Tags: dark and filthy is my drug, fic-rec, nc-17, somer's recs
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