Somer (somer) wrote,

The Accent Is There 2.0 - The Squirrel-Off

The things we do. The things we come up with.

sleepypercy showed me THIS article about how Germans have a hard time pronouncing the word squirrel. I told her 'pfffft, I can do it perfectly' (see how this is going to be my own fault?). So she wrote a little drabble which included the word squirrel and I promised to record it.

Then I totally wrapped kinkajou up in this and made her do it to :D

And then skeletncloset mentioned "Shut yo' squirrel face" which Percy promptly attached to the fic before I could record it!

You may want to read along, so you can understand me. KJ's is perfect enough! (both are probably around 6 minutes long) :)

Link to Percy's fic: Got You Stuck On My Elevator

Here is KJ's version.

And my version.

Tags: kinky kinkajou, percy my godchild, skel is my dark queen, that's me
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