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Somer's Recs - Dark and Filthy #2

Let's start with two little meme fills. The first one is boss!Jeff/secretary!Jensen :D
Title: On The Job Training
Author: anonym
Wordcount: 2.000 words
Warnings: blowjob, lapsex, mild d/s, cockwarming, mmmmmhh and especially Jeff and his dirty mouth

The second one is an old fill. Jensen has lovehandles. He doesn't like them. But Jared does.
Title: The Middle Of It All
Author: anonym
Wordcount: 1.700 words
Warnings: bellykink, mpreg

Now the following one is...well, soulless!Sam trying to woo Dean and it's a long fic! It's at times hilarious and so damn dark, so read the warnings! Title for the verse? 'You are my Sunshine' :)
Title: This Is Not An Exit (sequel: Tidings Of Comfort And Joy)
Author: Portrait_of_a_Fool
Wordcount: 100.000 words over all
Warnings: soulless/evil!Sam, hurt!Dean, violence, torture, bloodplay, dark, masochism, sadism, knifeplay, fisting, whipping

The next one is written by my Salt! She filled it for a prompt I left at spn_masquerade! And it's dark, really dark! LOVE YOU, SALT!!!
Title: Every Man Has His Price
Author: saltandburnboys
Wordcount: 5.500 words
Warnings: noncon, gangbang, humiliation

I think the thing I said in the comment section of the next story was 'this was surreal and creepy', and it was. Loved the little details and innuendos in this one.
Title: The Jester
Author: marlowe78
Wordcount: 7.000 words
Warnings: underage, noncon and destruction of a well-loved comic-book-hero (if you wanna know, you can check under a spoiler cut on the author's journal)

Littlesparrow69 owns my filthy heart. I freaking LOVE this author. She hits ALL my kinks. I'm gonna rec two of her stories today and they're both...FILTHY HOT!!
Title: Powerless
Author: Littlesparrow69
Wordcount: 47.600 words
Warnings: Dean/OMC, AND ALL KINKS IMAGINABLE, mwah (dubcon, d/s, bodage, nipple play, ball play, humiliation, public, toys, sensory deprivation, bestiality, humping, piercing, manhandling, comeplay and I COULD GO ON AND ON)

Title: The Arrangement
Author: Littlesparrow69 and anonym
Wordcount: 7.000 words
Warnings: Chad/Jensen, toppy!Chad (yes, you've heard that right, and damn), d/s, dubcon, nipple play, humiliation, toys, infidelity

And another favorite author of mine and this fic was scorching hot! And yes, she wrote it for my birthday last year AND YOU SHOULD READ IT!!!
Title: On The Edge (Of Flipping Laundry)
Author: whiskygalore
Wordcount: 4.400 words
Warnings: edge play, overstimulation, bondage, nipple play, toys

Okay, that's all for today. And as always...LEAVE THOSE AUTHORS SOME LOVE. Even just a 'loved it', they will appreciate every comment :)
Tags: dark and filthy is my drug, fic-rec, nc-17, somer's recs
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