Somer (somer) wrote,

The Adventures of Hot Wings and Chicken Tikka

The other day I found out that we're all on different clusters. There are 13 clusters in total and every cluster has its own database (that's also the reason why sometimes people can't access LJ and others can, depending on which cluster they're working on).

Every cluster has its own name too. I'm on cluster #9, called Chicken Tikka. And sleepypercy is my hot angel *coughs* on cluster #13 , which is called Hot Wings!

Tell me what cluster you're on and most importantly, what's it called!!
You can check it HERE!

[The List so far...]
Cluster #1 Steaksauce - hunenka, lady_eilthana, soncnica
Cluster #2 Porterhouse - wendy, sillie82
Cluster #3 Soybean - hugemind, cleflink
Cluster #4 New York Strip - siennavie, tabithella, firesign10, meesasometimes, casey28
Cluster #5 Hambone - siennavie's husband lol
Cluster #6 Filet Mignon - sw0rdy, geri, wind_storms
Cluster #7 Bratwurst - fiddlingfrog, kelsusie, ferrous_wheeler, fufaraw, kinkajou, locknkey, celtic_forest
Cluster #8 Shishkabob - big_heart_june, meus_venator, walking_tornado, anniespinkhouse, smalltrolven, roxymissrose, candygramme, kinkyheels
Cluster #9 Chicken Tikka - somer, liliaeth, alycat, saltandburnboys, galwithglasses, 2blueshoes
Cluster #10 EggRoll - aythia, satedan_grabass (wings)
Cluster #11 Fajitas - samanddeanfan1, glitch_refugees, hybridshade, sylsdarkplace, herminekurotowa, junkerin, hot_shex (wings)
Cluster #12 Pork Ribs - wings128, whiskygalore, siennavie, ephermeralk, musesheaven (hermine), jj1564, paperbackwriter
Cluster #13 Hot Wings - sleepypercy, supernutjapan, j2_crack (meus), fireheart13, tyson1997, milly_gal, ladygreytowers, emmatheslayer, gorkonelka, positively_spn (milly), spn_on_parade (milly)

Then we have Shishkabob, but big_heart_june didn't tell me the number :P Thanks, meus! :D

Okay, anyone up for a BBQ? :D
Tags: percy my godchild, shenanigans
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