Somer (somer) wrote,

Voice Meme - I'm Such A Volltrottel

This sucks. I really wanted to do another version, but Percy forced me to upload this one. I'M NOT GOOD WITH IMPROVISED ENGLISH, OKAY? I can't say what I really want to say, so it's short and not elaborated at all and I stumble over words.

And after I listened to it myself I realized that I missed things I actually wanted to say. And Percy informed me that 'you bum' isn't a common swear word at all, BUT I LIKE IT, OKAY? *headdesk* What am I even doing here.

Record and upload voice >>

Here is the link to the fic I recorded in the end, because you need to read along. Otherwise you probably won't understand it at all. Freckles

And I still need to listen to all of you. Probably tomorrow, since it's late here :)
Tags: that's me
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