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The Adventures of Hot Wings and Chicken Tikka - An Epilogue

First of all...WE HAVE THE NAMES OF ALL CLUSTERS! If you still haven't checked out which cluster you're on, you can check it HERE!!

And The Road So Far, uhm, I mean, the List So Far.

Check out what everyone else is, who the Bratwurst is and who still stands all alone. THE LIST!!!! And at this moment we have a tie between the Hot Wings and the Shishkabobs (meus_venator kinda smuggled herself in both winner groups *grumbles*). THE HOT WINGS ARE IN THE LEAD!!!!

For everyone still wondering how this all works, siennavie found this explanation:
"As new users join, we simply build a new cluster and start putting users there, keeping the old clusters running as they were. If people stop using the service, older clusters will free up, so we can put users there."

anniespinkhouse wrote a little...something about how the clusters got their names. I think it's legit *nods*
[...] 'Jared and Jensen and Chad as computer techs working on getting these clusters working for a deadline, staying in the office all night. Chad goes to get take out and Jensen and Jared decide to do the New York Strip. They get down and dirty in the server room. Chad comes back to find Jared on his knees sucking Jensen's cock and they're both moaning like whores, too wrapped up in each other to notice him. Chad swears under his breath "Shishkabob," but then he can't help staying to watch a little more. "Hotwings!" he exclaims as Jensen's bratwurst makes its final orgasmic thrust into Jared's throat and his come pearls and dribbles like steak sauce from the seam of Jared's lips. For the rest of the task, Chad makes lewd jokes about eating-in (the server room) and decides to name the clusters after their take-out so that he can always rib them about the affair.'

One of the winner groups has its own secret handshake (invented by walking_tornado, just as all the other handshakes!!). I am, of course, allowed to do all the secret handshakes.

Secret Handshake of the Hot Wings:

Secret Handshake of the Bratwürste (also known as the Sausage Handshake):
'Bratwurst1 extends hand, index finger pointed (or if size is an issue, maybe index and middle finger). Brat2 grips finger(s) and pulls off. Then switch: Brat2 extends fingers and Brat1 grips and pulls off. Neat 'n' tidy.

Secret Handshake of the Sishkabob's:

Secret Handshake of the Porterhouses:

Secret Handshake of the Chicken Tikkas:

And finally, walking_tornado wrote a glorious fic :)
Shishkabobbing The Tikka
JUST GO WITH IT! Embrace the food!

AND NOW TELL US WHAT CLUSTER YOU ARE ON, if you haven't already! Come on! We can't leave siennavie's husband and aythia all alone! We NEED more Hambones and Eggrolls (and more Chicken Tikkas obviously).
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