Somer (somer) wrote,

I Love The Kink-Meme

Damn, just went over to the kink-meme and saw that one of my prompts got filled...again.

My prompt:

Jared and Jensen are the right hands of rivaling crimelords...and they fuck each other.

When Jensen gets captured from the rival gang Jared gets the order to frisk Jensen. I would like a stubborn, trying-not-to-be-turned-on Jensen and an amused Jared who loves to strip Jensen down and feel him up at the same time (of course without letting his boss know that they know each other).

(optional: they're both so turned on that they jump each other as soon as they're alone)

And here is the link to the sexy and perfect story: A Close Call

All the ones who love a nekkid!Jensen, run over now and read!!
Tags: meme, prompt-fill
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