Somer (somer) wrote,

I Am No Enabler - I GOT FIC :D

Shut up you all. I know, I know!

You all remember the post from over the weekend? NSFW PROMPT HERE! Both firesign10 and saltandburnboys WROTE ME FIC FOR IT :D A huge thanks to both of them <3

Author: firesign10
Title: Oil Change

Author: saltandburnboys
Title: Actions Speak Louder Than Words

YOU REALLY WANT TO READ THEM BOTH and you really want to leave some comments :)

On another unrelated note.
I was talking to a patient on Friday about the heat (okay, I talked with all patients about the heat, because it was there and everyone complained and blablabla). But then I said, and I don't know where my thoughts were at the moment...

'Oh, you know, I'll manage. I have a vibrator at home.'

I MEANT VENTILATOR!!! Only consolation? The woman is pretty cool and we laugh a lot anyway. Thank god it happened with her. I think I even managed not to blush, much!
Tags: fic-rec, that's me
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