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Cfriskney's Fics - PDFs

Thanks to a bunch of people I can upload a few more fics. NOTHING in here belongs to me! One other thing. The only story I've read is 'In The Army Now', so I don't know what warnings apply to the other stories. If you know a story and you think I should add a warning, please tell me.

Title: In The Army Now - Verse (3 books and 9 timestamps/interludes)
Summary Jensen Ackles joins the Army to help pay for college. He meets the drill Sargent called 'big daddy', and decides he probably should have just took a job flipping hamburgers.
Wordcount: 133.000 words
Other Formats: Epub (thanks to meus_venator)

Title: 1st And 10 - He Did It Again
Summary: Jared is the hottest young quarterback to come down the line in a long time. Jensen is the trainer that wants to make sure Jared takes over for the Dallas Cowboys…but then all hell breaks loose and neither man is ready for it…
Wordcount: 33.500 words

Titel: I'm A Sinner But You Ain't No Saint
Summary: Jared Padalecki was a bad man. Jensen Ackles was just a farmer. When the two worlds collide all hell breaks loose...
Wordcount: 23.000 words

Title: Not Even Close
Summary: Jensen Ackles' high school experience was painful. But, he managed to graduate early and started his career at Dallas Sun Times. When Eric Kripke, the owner of the paper sends Jensen back to High school he has a second chance to be 'cool'. There he finds out high school is much the same but he meets a man who teaches him that being cool isn't the most important thing.
Wordcount: 20.500 words

Title: Shadows And Death
Summary: The end is near. The Mayan's kept a calendar that ended with the date December, 21st, 2012. As the world is nearing that date a savior is sent--or is he the reason it all ends...
Wordcount: 6.500 words

Title: The Lighthouse
Summary: In 1960 Jensen Ackles knew two things. One he didn't want to go to UT and two he was falling in love with the wrong boy. In 2010 Jared Padalecki has a story to tell. Will Jensen be able to realize that it's the story of us?
Wordcount: 21.500 words
Warnings: character-death

Title: The Past Not Forgotten (+ 2 sequels)
Summary: During high school Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles met during their freshmen year, from then on no one ever saw them apart. After high school they moved to LA together, both wanting to be a big shot movie star. After three years of nothing but bit parts, things began to unravel. On the advice of his manager, Jared makes the biggest mistake of his life. Fast forward five years, both guys were making waves, but none so much as the new show they both got parts for Supernatural. Can they put the past behind them? Or is the past just too much to forget?
Wordcount: 44.000 words

And lady_eilthana reminded me, that there is a podfic of 'In The Army Now'. You can find it HERE.
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