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PDFs - jodiekat

Really filthy. And I mean it!! Stories are from jodiekat, she left a long time ago. Nothing belongs to me! A huge thank you to nicky69 for helping with the list :)

Title: Pretty Things
Wordcount: 2.000 words
Summary: A little money goes a long way in prison.
Warnings: Dean/OMCs, prison, noncon, gangbang, rough sex

[more from jodiekat]Title: If At First
Wordcount: 2.500 words
Summary: It's for Dean's own good. And if he doesn't want it, then that's just too damn bad. He should know better than to look and act the way he does.
Warnings: Sam/Dean, evil!Sam, noncon, rough sex, blood play

Title: Worse Than His Bite
Wordcount: 2.000 words
Summary: Sam's a werewolf, and apparently he wants Dean for his mate. Dean's not exactly on board.
Warnings: Sam/Dean, werewolf!Sam, noncon, bestiality, knotting, rough sex

Title: Trigger Happy
Wordcount: 1.500 words
Summary: Sam captures Dean in possession of the Colt. His first order of business is to tie Dean up and make him regret it.
Warnings: Sam/Dean, evil!Sam, noncon, gunplay, object insertion, humiliation, rough, blindfold, bondage

Title: Double Your Fun
Wordcount: 500 words
Summary: Dean is reluctant to take both Sam and John at once. He does it anyway.
Warnings: Sam/Dean/John, dubcon, dp

Title: Dirty Words
Wordcount: 500 words
Summary: Sam's figured out that Dean is a cockslut. He makes sure Dean knows it.
Warnings: Sam/Dean, dubcon, rough sex, humiliation

Title: Be Prepared (+ sequel: A Spoonful Of Sugar)
Wordcount: 5.200 words
Summary: Antichrist!Sam claims his favorite prize.
Warnings: Sam/Dean, evil!Sam, noncon, cbt, orgasm denial, prostate milking, bdsm, bondage, toys, cockcage

Title: Maternity Leave
Wordcount: 3.500 words
Summary: Dean is captured and raped by a tentacle monster.
Warnings: Dean/Monster, noncon, tentacles, bestiality, mpreg, rough sex

Title: When In Rome
Wordcount: 1.500 words
Summary: Sam makes Dean his bitch in prison. Dean doesn't like it.
Warnings: Sam/Dean, prison, noncon, public, rough sex, wall sex, voyeurism, exhibitionism

Title: Alchemy Verse (Catalyst, Chain Reaction and Alchemy)
Wordcount: 12.600 words
Summary: John never would have thought about it, if the demons hadn't shown the way.
Warnings: Dean/OMCs, Sam/Dean/John, noncon, gangbang, rough sex, voyeurism, piercings, orgasm denial, cockcage, cbt, bondage, collar, crossdressing, humiliation, feminization, dp

Title: Give It All You Have
Wordcount: 2.500 words
Summary: Sure, Dean will look pretty getting fucked by so many people. But mostly they just need the money.
Warnings: Sam/Dean, Dean/OMCs, noncon, gangbang, rough sex, object insertion

Title: Teeth In The Grass (+ sequel: Care Of Sender)
Wordcount: 13.500 words
Summary: In order to convince Sam not to leave for Stanford, Dean offers himself up for anything his brother wants. Sam wants a hell of a lot.
Warnings: Sam/Dean, noncon, rough sex, pain, cbt, anal prolapse, oys, humiliation, comeplay

Title: A Load Of Bull
Wordcount: 1.800 words
Summary: Dean tries to infiltrate a bull worshipping cult and ends up the sacrifice. Sam shows up to save him, but it may be too late.
Warnings: Dean/Bull, noncon, bestiality, pain, bondage

Title: Mother Knows Best
Wordcount: 4.000
Summary: John starts coveting Dean, and Mary gives him the go-ahead. He waits until Dean's eighteenth birthday to take what he wants. Eventually he decides to share with Sam.
Warnings: John/Dean, Sam/Dean/John, evil!John, evil!Sam, possessed!Mary, noncon, dp, rough sex, bondage, spanking, voyeurism

Title: Jurassic Prick
Wordcount: 1.300 words
Summary: Angel time travel goes horribly wrong. Dean has an unfortunate run-in with a dinosaur.
Warnings: Dean/Dinosaur, noncon, bestiality, rough sex

Title: Up In The World
Wordcount: 4.500 words
Summary: CEO!Wesson offers Dean Smith a promotion that comes with a catch: it involves being Wesson's sex toy in the office. Dean signs on the dotted line, then things get a little intense.
Warnings: Smith/Wesson, Dean/OMCs, dubcon/noncon, rough sex, office sex, humiliation, fisting, cbt, spanking, toys, pain, collar and leash, public

Title: Filled
Wordcount: 1.000 words
Summary: He never leaves the bedroom anymore, hardly ever even gets to get out of the bed unless he’s wanted in the bathroom, or bent over the kitchen table, or giving head while they watch TV on the couch.
Warnings: Sam/Dean/John, dubcon, toys, dp

Title: Good For This
Wordcount: 1.000 words
Summary: Sam doesn't like his dick getting cold.
Warnings: Sam/Dean, dubcon, cockwarming

Title: So It's Trick, Then
Wordcount: 2.200 words
Summary: Sam wears a cursed pirate costume for Halloween (ala the Buffy Halloween costume episode). When Dean shows up, pirate!Sam takes what he wants.
Warnings: Sam/Dean, cursed!Sam, noncon, rough sex
Tags: nc-17, pdfs
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