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Somer's Recs - Dark and Filthy #3

wendy challenged me to find her the filthiest J2. I'm just gonna go with some of my favorites. Hope they're filthy enough and I hope there is at least ONE you haven't read yet. Salt helped some. And if they're not filthy enough, tell me, and I get out the big guns!

Title: A Work Of Art
Author: anonymous
Summary: “Let me finish. You don’t want to be my boyfriend or my lover. You want to be my possession. You want me to own you. Take care of you. Objectify you. You want me to see you as an object that I can do whatever I want with. Am I getting closer?”
Wordcount: 2.000 words
Warnings: objectification, bondage, toys

[all the filth...]Title: untitled
Author: anonymous
Summary: It's not the sound of Jensen's raw, barely audible pleading, or even the muffled buzzing of the vibrating butt plug. Its the constant creaking of the chair as Jen rocks his hips back and forth an inch or two against the pull of the leather straps around his waist and thighs. That’s what gets inside Jared's head, low and even and steady as a metronome, and just about drives him crazy.
Wordcount: 1.700 words
Warnings: bondage, orgasm denial, cockring, vibrator, paintbrush, overstimulation (just realized that this is Jared/Jensen/Jeff, but it's so damn hot)

Title: When I Say When
Author: coterminal
Summary: Jensen gives Jared the key to his cockcage.
Wordcount: 2.700 words
Warnings: cockcage, orgasm denial, overstimulation

Title: From One Twisted Fuck To Another
Author: hegemony
Summary: Jensen puts a personal ad up asking for someone to help him live out his fantasy over a long holiday weekend.
Wordcount: 8.300 words
Warnings: rape-fantasy, roleplay, bondage, toys, breathplay, medicalplay

Title: Party Trick
Author: bertee
Summary: Every year the CW hosts a private party for its stars in a very private location only known by those invited, and every year, one of the invited guests is chosen to be a "party favor" for everyone else.
Wordcount: 11.500 words
Warnings: Jared/Jensen, Jensen/OMCs, Jensen/OFCs, bondage, blindfold, exhibitionism, toys, overstimulation, panties, crossdressing, leash, humping, comeplay, object-insertion

Title: On Display
Author: dragonspell
Summary: Jensen squirms uncomfortably, wanting to leave, but Jared holds him in place. He feels exposed, vulnerable, and he’s keenly aware of just how many unseen eyes are staring at him in the darkened room.
Wordcount: 1.500 words
Warnings: Jared/Jensen, Jensen/OMC, exhibitionism, bondage, humping

Title: Valentine's Day In Prison
Author: soncnica
Summary: Jared is serving a prison sentence and Jensen is his partner on the outside, who arranges to see him during conjugal visits. Sex happens in that tiny room.
Wordcount: 3.700 words
Warnings: prison, manhandling, wallsex

Title: Just Curious
Author: coterminal
Summary: Jensen finds Jared's toy box. His curiosity gets the better of him and he tries some of it out. Jared catches him.
Wordcount: 2.000 words
Warnings: toys, bondage

Title: Executive Bitch
Author: littlesparrow69
Summary: Jensen is a good looking snarky CEO who is rude and has no time for anyone at the office. Jared is a lowly mail room worker who gets the brunt of Jensen's attitude no matter how nice he tries to be. Jared hates Jensen. Hates him that is, in the way that he can't get him out of his head...
Wordcount: 5.000 words
Warnings: Jared/Jensen/Harley, dubcon, powerplay, bestiality, humiliation

Title: Spiritus Vitae
Author: anonymous
Summary: Twenty-three years old, formerly known as Jensen Ackles, his papers reveal. Formerly a struggling musician. Formerly a Person. Too bad for him the guy’s boyfriend turned him in after getting his first taste of that sweet juice. Jared can’t wait to take a long drink himself.
Wordcount: 5.000 Words
Warnings: noncon, bondage, prostate milking, forced orgasm, toys, dehumanisation

The last one is for both you and wind_storms :P

Title: Good Morning
Author: mayalaen
Summary: Jared is at his horniest first thing in the morning. Jensen has a habit of sleeping in, but Jared is sure to wake him up anyway. Unfortunately he doesn't like to wait until after Jensen has had his first morning piss. He's not exactly into watersports but he does like the panic Jensen goes through to get away. He tries to get Jared off as quick as possible. Jared just wants to fuck Jensen with a full bladder because Jensen can't seem to get hard but he isn't soft either.
Wordcount: 2.500 words
Warnings: desperation play, watersports, manhandling, slight dubcon

Leave those authors some love!!
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