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Titheniel and Splashpink

All links should work again. You can download the PDFs at dropbox. If there're any problems please tell me and I'll see what I can do.

So, I finally had the time to upload every story I have from the deleted journals of titheniel and splashpink.

Title: Days In Our Lives (WIP)
Wordcount ca. 565.000
Summary: Jaded, anti-social Jensen has a list of hit porn movies as long as his arm. Hiding in his work from the tormented past he left behind, Jensen can’t help but get caught in a vicious circle that keeps him a prisoner of his own stubbornness. Jared entered the world of porn with one goal in mind; he wanted to make enough money to see him through college. When faced with Jensen, a long term crush of his, Jared falls desperately in love, and pitches headfirst into the dark and complicated world Jensen inhabits. Caught between his desire to break Jensen free from his former life, and the desire to protect him from an ever increasing number of potential villains, Jared is forced to walk an ever thinning line. With the help and love of their friends, Jared and Jensen slowly begin to build something bright and true. Something theirs.

Title: Be My Baby
Wordcount: ca. 49.000
Summary: Summer, 1963. Young Jensen Ackles leaves his hometown in Texas to spend a three week long holiday with his conservative parents at the Kellerman's mountain resort in NY. Little does he know that he'll meet
someone there that will change his life forever.

Title: Fiddler's Green
Wordcound: ca. 42.000
Summary Jared has grown up dreaming of being like the heroes he plays on the big screen, something not helped by Jensen, who has been there, done that, and really hates Jared‟s new script. Then the unthinkable happens, and it seems like fate is determined to give Jared the chance of adventure he has always wanted. But he quickly finds that being a hero is a hell of a lot harder than it looks in the movies.

Title: Give Me A Place To Stand, And I Shall Move The Earth
Wordcount: ca. 34.500
Summary: Wanted: One secretary for private ‘alternative’ firm. Must be thick-skinned, open-minded and have full health insurance. Please bring references, a resume and handcuffs.

Title: How To Woo A Girl Or A Jensen
Wordcount: ca. 2.400
Summary: How did one, after three and a half years of subtly reminding everyone within sonar range that he was in fact straight, convince a prickly co-star with a heretofore unrequited crush on him that he was being serious, and no, Jen, I’d never fuck you around like that? The answer? Google it, of course.

Title: In My Left Hand
Wordcount: ca. 10.000
Summary: In which Jared is a crime lord and Jensen is his boyfriend.

Title: In The Dark
Wordcount: ca. 2.500
Summary: They shipped in someone new the same evening. Bunks were short, and there wasn’t enough space on the inside to sling a cat. Nobody told him shit, he preferred it that way, but when the bars slid open and his new cellie stalked haughtily across the threshold he thought, 'Huh. Pretty.'
Warnings: dark!fic, character-death

Title: Louder Than Words
Wordcount: 46.000
Summary: Jared throws a party for his best friend, looking forward to meeting the girl in his life. Jensen wasn't quite what he was expecting.

Title: Neapolitan (+ sequel)
Wordcount: ca. 4.000
Summary: Jeff's out of town. Jared has ways to keep him entertained. Jensen gets the short end of the stick. As usual.

Title: Pancakes
Wordcount: ca. 2.000
Summary: Chris wasn’t entirely sure when it had become acceptable social behavior to fuck his best friend while said friend’s boyfriend watched. Or, for that matter, when it became common practice not to blink an eye when his boyfriend joined in on the fun.

Title: Snapshots (WIP)
Wordcount: ca. 200.000
Summary: “Lie awake in bed at night, and think about your life, do you want to be different? It’s time to forget about the past, to wash away what happened last” – 30 Seconds to Mars

Title: The Gold Band
Wordcount: ca. 650
Summary: Warm breath rushed through Jensen’s parted lips. Jared watched, fascinated, as the gold band of his wedding ring pressed flush against the stretched entrance to Jensen’s ass.

Title: It's Only The Truth If It's In Color
Wordcount: ca. 1.500
Summary: They have done for three years now. Hell, in Hollywood years, it’s time for the divorce.

Title: Cuervo
Wordcount: ca. 4.600
Summary: As dying men's wishes went, having a threesome with your brother and a hot Texan had to be a pretty unusual request.

Title: Rules For Being A Good Boyfriend
Wordcount: ca. 1.400
Summary: Hit him with an alarm clock once, and he could blame Jensen’s extreme anti-social moodswings. Hit him with an alarm clock twice, and well, Jared was just plain stupid.

Title: Seven Times
Wordcount: ca. 1.100
Summary: A righteous man will fall seven times.

Title: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
Wordcount: ca. 600
Summary: Jensen's loud in bed. Jared has another brilliant plan.

Title: Numb
Wordcount: ca. 400
Summary: Sam can't bring Dean peace, but he can numb the pain for a little while.

Title: In Adamantine Chains
Wordcount: ca. 1.170
Summary: Sam kept Dean's haunting presence tightly locked away in his mind, where Dean hammered his fists on Sam's conscience.

Title: Second Star On The Right
Wordcount: ca. 1.680
Summary: Smuggler!Jared does naughty things. Space-pilot!Jensen gets stuck with him.

Title: The Flames That Licked His Skin
Wordcount: ca. 1.670
Summary: Dean continued on as if nothing has changed. He might well have spent the lost months vacationing in Haiti, working on his tan and the notches in his bedpost.

Title: How To Put A Band Aid On A Broken Heart
Wordcount: 3.000
Summary: There was a great big whole inside of him that used to be filled with bad jokes and awkward smiles, dumbass pranks and steaks cooked at three am. It was Jensen sized and gaped like a wound slowly filling with blood.

Title: Stained Glas Masquerade
Wordcount: ca. 41.600
Summary: When his life takes a turn for the worse, the offer of a job with the exclusive Mayfair Group seems like a sign that the fates are finally finding in Jared’s favor. In return for an impressive paycheck, all he is required to do is look after Charlie, who, when not Imprinted with serial killers (or serial daters) happens to be the most likable guy in the world. It’s perfectly easy to ignore the darker aspects of his job, that is until Charlie is Imprinted with his own personality and the line between reality and illusion is eradicated from the equation.

Title: The Grey List
Wordcount: ca. 8.000
Summary: Five years ago, Jensen set Jared on the road towards gaining his life back. Now, just as he is given everything he wanted, he is faced with losing it all.

Title: 20 Bucks
Wordcount: ca. 1.000
Summary: He could probably get a detailed breakdown of the musical genius that was Kane from Jensen, but the last thing he wanted was a drunken fangirl squee session from his costar.

Title: Change For A Hundred
Wordcount: ca. 1.300
Summary: Jared’s been stateside for less than twenty-four hours. He can still taste the sand on his tongue and feel the grit of it between his teeth. His gear is propped up between the motel dresser and the door, Jensen’s jeans flung haphazardly on top.

Title: Miseria Cantare
Wordcount: ca. 1.200
Summary: Jensen is a few wires short of a full fuse, and likes to kill people. Jared is okay with that.

Title: The Immortal Game
Wordcount: ca. 2.000
Summary: There was a basic rule to every game under the sun, one foundation of practice that should never be broken, never be misjudged. In chess it was simple. Know the count of the board. Know the value of each piece, each position, each line of equation. If you knew the count, you could control the game.

Title: Honey, Your Horns Are Showing
Wordcount: ca. 2.100
Summary: An angel and a demon walk into a bar...
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