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Sense8 - What Is Human

I watched episode 10 earlier and I had to post SOMETHING because HOLY DAMN, that episode was AWESOME! (spoilers behind cut)

Gay Porn.gif

[sense8]OH MY GOD! Episode 10. ALL the scenes where Wolfgang and Lito help each other out! God, that was all so sexy! Also, Wolfgang getting manhandled by the villain (I'm shameless), Lito helping Wolfgang out, wearing only boxers and a shirt. And then Wolfgang turning up to help Lito. So much LOVE for these scenes!!! Also Riley and Will. And fireworks!

I LOVE THEM ALL. Capheus, Sun, Nomi, Kala, Riley, Wolfgang, Lito, Will. But especially LITO & HERNANDO and WOLFGANG & KALA (I also kinda have the hots for Sun, because holy BAMF!!!).

Hernando 1.gifHernando 2.gif


YOU WANNA KNOW WHAT? LITO CRACKS ME UP SO HARD!! He's such an adorable, cute, sexy man!

Lito 3.gifLito 4.gif
Lito 5.gifLito 6.gif

Don't spoil it for me, since I still have 2 episodes to watch, BUT IF WOLFGANG AND KALA WON'T HAVE SEX, I'm gonna throw a tantrum. Wolfgang and Kala ♥


Wolfgang and Kala 1.gifWolfgang and Kala 2.gif

Wolfgang and Kala.jpg

And Lito and Hernando again, BECAUSE I CAN'T WITH THESE TWO!

Lito and Hernando 1.gifLito and Hernando 2.gif

Just alkdjfksgjhe;aslkfjhgks 2 EPISODES LEFT!! CAN'T WAIT :D

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