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Somer's Rec - Filthy, So Damn Filthy

I GOT A FIC!! :D One of my all time favorite kink writers GIFTED A FIC TO ME! LittleSparrow69, the author of stories like Powerless and Dinner and Dessert and Executive Bitch! If you haven't read all these stories you should because they're the best (read the tags, THEY ARE ALL FILTHY, duh :P).

And now her newest work :) For me <3
Title: Uncle Beau
Wordcount: 6.000 words
Warnings: dubcon, noncon elements, Jensen is 19 in the fic but references to underage sex, uncle/nephew, nipple play and rimming, bestiality, bondage, clothes kink


[a little bit of filth...]After that, it was all Jensen could do to hold on for dear life. Beau wasn't kidding when he said he was hungry. The man made the most obscene noises, slurping and sucking at him, tongue fucking Jensen's ass like it was his right, like it belonged to him. Laughing and moaning in delight as Jensen quivered, tightening around slick flesh when Beau pierced him deep and long, wiggling and pulsing into his heat. It was lewd and filthy and Jensen would have been embarrassed by the noises he made and the way his hips rocked between the two tongues if it weren't for the wild, clawing need to come that was just out of reach.

He'd broken out in a fine layer of slick sweat, his body aching with the need for release. Jake nosed at his cock, bumping it against his stomach, long tongue curling around the head and dragging over his slit. Fuck, it felt so good but it just wasn't enough after getting off once already. It was too little, too random. It was going to drive him crazy. He was practically sobbing in need against the table when Beau finally addressed the issue.

"Need a hand, Jenny-boy?"
Tags: dark and filthy is my drug, somer's recs
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