Somer (somer) wrote,

Excuse me...

...while I'm gonna crash. Had another advanced training. Two weeks of the most intense studying I've ever done (probably not true, but it felt that way) and sleepless nights and the attached test we had today on a freaking Sunday. Yeeeeahhhh, I passed! :) But seriously, my nerves are getting too old for this kind of stress! And I'm not ashamed to admit that I never again want to see pics of a penis with gonorrhea infection (do. not. google. it!!).

Anyway, on to the fun things.

A huge thank you to everyone who sent me birthday wishes/posts/emails/v-gifts. Sadly that day was filled with studying too, but I am like...99.99% sure I got back to everyone :) But a special shout-out to milly_gal who made me art for one of my fics (still need to unite fic and art, but I will do that soon). And my girls saltandburnboys and sleepypercy whose packages arrived weeks ago and were teasing me the whole time. Thanks for the asses and cocks (a cock, percy, it's a cock).

And noooooooow, I NEED to catch up with spn_masquerade. Fills happened, most importantly, fills for my prompts happened (one fill especially will make big_heart_june veeery happy). And I finally need to catch up with spn_summergen. I'm so behind on those fics! And I'm probably behind on ALL the fics, but what's new there :D And I need to re-read fics, it's important, okay?!

Oh, and I'm finally going to be able to catch up on Sense8. Still need to watch the last two eps. So looking forward to them!

And now, repeat it with me: TWO DAYS UNTIL SOMER'S VACATION!!!!!!!! :D alksjdfhgaksfhg I CAN'T WAAAAAIT!!!
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