Somer (somer) wrote,

Who Knows What Else They Did With Those Flowers...

#1 Back from a tiny, little trip to celebrate the 60th birthday of my mother. This was one of the presents we got her :D Yes, those two are RACING Granny and Grandad! Yes, they ARE moving...slowly lol

[too much? nah!]IMAG0734.jpg

#2 The more important thing though is that we went to a little animal park earlier this day because we adults clearly had to indulge my little nephew. And it wasn't so bad. The deer was in rutting season and there was some really huge stag. Man, the noises he made. Anyway, rutting (not really, just the season) got really interesting when I found these two cuties. I proudly present...

[it is obvious]IMAG0767.jpg


YOU SEE IT TOO, DON'T YOU? :D It was clearly meant to be. Rutting season, a huge JARED stag and some beautiful FRECKLED JENSEN stag (sorry, if I got any zoological things crossed here). Isn't it hot? Psh, not those above. Or are they? DON'T JUDGE! Someone at least should WRITE or DRAW this now! Look how close I got! I RISKED MY LIFE FOR ALL OF YOU!

#3 Dreamweaver? I'm gonna make this short. Glad it's fucking over. I think a few of us were sitting on this for far too long already. Glad he slipped up. I quickly took a peek through my flist earlier and I can already see that people are feeling better, recovering from the initial shock. Glad to have you all here :) ♥

AND NOW! REALLY?? I am away for ONE AND HALF A DAY AND I MISSED JENSEN WITH FLOWERS IN HIS ASS?? REEEAALLY? Goddamn him! He's not allowed to do such things when I'm away.

That's all!
Tags: shenanigans, that's me
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