Somer (somer) wrote,

Found this. There might have been tears...

...of laughter!

•“Hey, you should watch this show called Supernatural. It’s a monster-movie-every-week, road-trip-across-the-US-in-a-classic-car kinda thing, with two hot guys. And they have this chemistry that all the critics and producers have never seen before on a show.”
•Hmm… takes more than a woman burning on the ceiling to creep ME out, but points for that.
•I like that Sam guy. He’s smart and sensitive, and I like his silly hair. Dean’s WAY too smarmy, and a little too pretty for my taste. Plus, he’s a total slut. You can just tell.
•Season 1 finale WTF???? MUST. WATCH. SEASON. 2. IMMEDIATELY.
•This classic rock is awesome. Did I just say “awesome” out loud?
•Dean’s growing on me. And I totally think these guys are in love and sleeping together IRL.
•Yeah. Totally.
•Hmm… expanding on the mythology. More than monster of the week.
•What is it with this show and frickin’ impossible cliffhangers?
•Boys seem to have gone through a second puberty. Voices have dropped half an octave.
•Sam? Was I actually a Sam Girl but Dean-Curious? ‘Cause… Dean. Yeah.
•Hmm… what’s this Tumblr thing?
•Brother-touching? Oh come on. That’s just wrong.
•Brother-touching? Oh come on. That’s soooo right.
•Epic love story is epic.
•What’s knotting?
•Oh. Ew. Actually…wait. Huh.
•Gay. Porn. Gifs. Guh.
•What’s Omegle? Oh.
•Do first Omegle RP. It’s Destiel. Want to be Dean but get stuck as Cas. Am unhappy until the RP becomes the hottest thing I’ve ever done without real human flesh being involved.
•Read hot Wincestiel porn with Sammy bottoming. Go to my bunk. Call out Dean’s name during orgasm. Bury face in pillow in shame.
•Spent $150 on a screen-accurate, custom-made amulet made from melted down rifle casings, some of which were fired through actual Winchester rifles.
•Ok, I’ll read J2. Even though that totally feels like prying into their real lives.
•Jensen and Jared ARE IN love…(everybody sing along)
•Didn’t I have a thesis to write? Fuck it. Imma write my first Wincest fic.
•Gay porn is, like, awesome.
•Make Castiel tree topper for the Christmas tree, complete with trenchcoat, blue tie, white shirt and angel wings.
•Dip toe into Destiel waters. Realize I like it a wee bit better when Sammy’s there too.
•What’s figging?
•Oh. Hmmm.
•Argue vociferously for who tops and bottoms, Sam or Dean, and Jared or Jensen. Switch positions and re-argue.
•Make a chandelier out of kale.
•Temporarily set aside my aspirations to be a successful published author. Write more Wincest for free.
•Write reasoned arguments for the moral rightness of Wincest with contextual support and sociological theory.
•Realize I am now a Wincest pimp.
•Write graphic Wincest fic with bondage, pain play, orgasm denial, knife play, rimming and butt plugs.
•Write reasoned argument for the strong plausibility of Jared and Jensen being in a long-term romantic/sexual relationship, analyzing their interviews and comments and applying psychological theory.
•Debate applying for a Ph.D. in media studies with an emphasis on how Supernatural subverts heteronormative tropes.
•Realize I will be meeting the boys at VanCon in a few months. Wonder how I will ever be able to look them in the eyes after all this.

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