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Somer's Recs - Protective and The Freckles

sillie82 had some need for protective Jared and Sam, so she gets it :) I hope here are a few you haven't read before!

Title: I'll Follow You Into The Dark
Author: sw0rdy
Wordcount: 9.300 words
Summary: Dean is still dying after refusing to let Reverend Roy LeGrange heal him, but Sam’s not about to give up on him so easily. Dean says ‘no sacrifices’, but when it comes to saving each other, all bets are off. This is a story of brotherly love and devotion where Dean is Dean and Sam is indomitable. Oh, and Bobby’s awesome, too.

Title: untitled
Author: sarkywoman
Wordcount: 4.400 words
Summary: Sam starts to notice the way John looks at Dean, and it's not in a fatherly way. Sam gets possessive and protective.

Title: The Lost Boy
Author: gaelicspirit
Wordcount: 9.300 words
Summary: There's a darkness within each soul. Some repress it, some embrace it, and some balance it. Then there are those who are consumed by it; they are the lost souls.

Title: The Measure Of A Man
Wordcount: 2.300 words
Summary: Sam defends Dean's honor.

Title: Pretty Tiger
Author: anne_higgins
Wordcount: 8.100 words
Summary: Something is preying on young men, something that Dean has encountered before.

Title: Robbing Peter
Author: ginzai
Wordcount: 5.700 words
Summary: John's attempt to catch a few stolen moments of peace wind up costing him far more than he can bear.

Title: Follow You Until You Love Me
Author: beckaandzac
Wordcount: 3.600 words
Summary: Jensen doesn’t like crowds, and he prefers to be in places with smaller groups of people he knows. He doesn’t think that’s unusual; he doesn’t think he needs a babysitter at public functions because of it.

Title: In The Palm Of My Hand
Author: felisblanco
Wordcount: 900 words
Summary: It's The WB Upfronts 2005 and Jensen's feeling nervous.

Title: Enough For Now
Author: tracevincente
Wordcount: 1.300 words
Summary: While visiting family Jensen falls asleep on the couch and Jared has to carry him to bed.

Title: Baby, This Blows Them All Away
Author: tmn1966
Wordcount: 9.600 words
Summary: Jensen wakes up with a double vision and tries to hide it from Jared until he has to go to the hospital.

And freckles for souslelys :D

Title: The Hunter
Author: ashtraythief
Wordcount: 2.600 words
Summary: Jeff hasn’t seen the sun in a long time. He falls in love with Jensen’s freckles.

Title: They're Called Angel Kisses
Author: deandatsgay
Wordcount: 900 words
Summary: "My freckles," Dean says. Glancing at Mary under his lashes, he adds, "They're stupid. I look like I have the chicken pox all the time."

Title: It's More Than The Freckles
Author: strive2bhappy
Wordcount: 900 words
Summary: Jared's got a thing.

Title: Good Morning, I Love You
Author: oddishly
Wordcount: 600 words
Summary: Drunk!Sam obsesses about Dean's freckles. Dean will have none of it, thank you, his freckles are not cute or pretty or precious, they are rugged and manly.

Title: Freckles
Author: saberivojo
Wordcount: 300 words
Summary: Little Sammy wants to be like his big brother.
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